West Kent Neighbourhood Watch

A Neighbourhood Watch cccz.

Additional information for traders.

Where possible representatives should have previously notified appointments. When this is not possible the following procedure should be observed.

The representative will:

  1. Physically hand their identification card to the householder and declare their name and organisation. They will request that the householder compares their face with the photograph on the card and explain that they will not enter their house until the householder is happy for them to do so.
  2. Carry a larger identification card for examination by persons with sight difficulties. The card will bear a print of at least size/font 14 and an enlarged photograph.
  3. Explain the purpose of their visit.
  4. Explain that the householder can check their identification by telephoning their organisation and that they can arrange for the attendance of a third party (e.g. neighbour) if they wish.
  5. Make it clear that they will not enter the house unless the householder is happy for them to do so.
  6. Always be happy to return at a later pre-arranged date/time if the householder requests.

The organisation will provide a landline telephone number (pref. Freephone) to facilitate employee bona-fide checks. This must be a direct line to a person/people and not use an automated call management system. Where possible this number should also be listed in the public telephone directory and other company advertising material.